How to Use Goldkind Deodorant

Wondering how to use our magical deodorant? Here's how!

Goldkind deodorant is super easy and convenient to use. It has a nice fluffy texture similar to a body butter or lotion and does not need to be warmed up or worked before applying.
Simply use your index finger to scoop out an amount of deodorant equal to the size of half a pea (yes, you need very little) and gently massage it into your armpit. Repeat on other side. It is best applied directly after a bath or shower but can be applied at any time. We recommend applying it in the morning to feel fresh throughout the whole day. 

Please wait for deodorant to be absorbed into your skin before putting a top on. This should only take about a minute or so. If an oily film remains on your skin you have likely applied too much. 

If you sport long underarm hair you may need to apply a little more deodorant as some product may get stuck on the hair. 

Since Goldkind deodorant is made completely from natural ingredients and doesn't contain any harsh chemicals or preservatives, its texture fluctuates with the surrounding temperature. For best texture, store deodorant at room temperature (22-24°C).