About Goldkind

Goldkind is a Perth-based start-up dedicated to bringing the best deodorant and other personal care products to the Australian market. Goldkind was founded in 2017 by myself and my beautiful wife, Suzanne. We have been making our own deodorant, lotion, body butter, toothpaste, lip balm, etc. since 2013 and we always shared them with our friends and families. After receiving nothing but positive and encouraging feedback, we decided to jump on the entrepreneurial train and share our amazing products with the world! We have been proudly vegan since January 2014 and this is a major part of Goldkind. We would never use any animal ingredients in our products, nor use ingredients that have ever been cruelly tested on animals or test our products on animals.

We are a 100% vegan, cruelty-free company and so proud of it!


The owners:


From the time I was a little girl, my passion and my love for life, has always been for animals. From feathers to fur to scales, to even the little ones with lots of legs, I have always loved animals of all kinds. If you ask any of my family or friends, they will tell you I am happiest when I am around animals and out enjoying nature.

I always knew that I wanted to do something special with my life, to make a difference to others, and to help people and animals in some way. I just wasn't sure what that something would be. My first business when I was little was dog washing and walking. My sister and I posted flyers, called up people in the phone book and went door-to-door asking if they had a dog, and if so, does he/she need to be walked or washed? Ha ha. 

I guess it was only a matter of time before I would be starting my own business where I could help people and animals!

Then in 2014, when Sebastian and I went vegan, our lives changed drastically for the better. I thought, what better of a way to help people, animals and our planet, then to make and share this natural, cruelty-free, chemical free deodorant that makes other people feel as good as we do when we put it on our skin?

This is not just a business. This is a way of helping others, of making a difference, and of selling a product and a way of life that I am truly proud to stand behind!

If you're ever looking for me, you'll find me with the animals. 

Peace & cookies,



I have always been full of ideas and knew that I should start a company. At the same time, I always enjoyed volunteering and giving back to the community. Now I am super excited that I am able to do both things at the same time by being a social entrepreneur. Please have a look at our 'Social Responsibility' page to find out how exactly we are going to help our communities, animals and the planet.