Antiperspirants and Breast Cancer: Is Your Deodorant Making You Sick?

Suzanne Lapensee

The dangers of using traditional aluminium-containing deodorants/antiperspirants:

What impact do the chemicals you're putting onto your skin have on your health?

A great educational video by Dr. Michael Greger, MD, of, entitled "Antiperspirants and Breast Cancer" on how antiperspirants containing aluminium have been linked to higher incidents of breast cancer.

"Did you know that antiperspirants can actually make you stink worse? They increase the types of bacteria that cause body odour. The more we use antiperspirants, the more we may need them." - Dr. Michael Greger, MD


Studies have shown that breast tissue removed from breast cancer patients had significantly high levels of aluminium.

Underarm shaving before applying antiperspirant/aluminium-containing deodorant has been found to increase risk of breast cancer due to increased aluminium absorption from broken skin.

Further research is urgently needed into this controversial issue, and at the very least, warning labels should be immediately affixed to aluminium-containing deodorants/antiperspirants to advise of toxicity and dangers of using after shaving.

One of the many, many reasons to ditch the nasty chemicals and go natural. This is one of the main reasons that we stopped using the mainstream aluminium deodorants and started making our own. It took us years to develop a recipe that we truly loved and worked as well as (or better than!) the mainstream toxic brands.

You have nothing to lose from going nasty-chemical-free, and literally everything to gain!

Let us know what you think in the comments. Have you had a great experience going natural? Any issues or obstacles? We'd love to hear from you!

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