Yes, it Really Does Work! How We Tested Goldkind Deodorant

Sebastian Lang

As with so many natural deodorant products, you are likely asking yourself: "Does this deodorant actually work?" Which is a very fair question, and believe us - we had the same problem in the past, which is what led us to create Goldkind!

When we started using natural deodorants nearly five years ago, we went through so many different brands - sprays, roll-ons, crystal, etc. Some brands were better than others, some so-called "natural" brands were not really natural at all and still contained harsh, man-made chemicals. But the one thing they all had in common was this: they all left us stinking after a few hours, and we constantly had to reapply! It was frustrating and embarrassing to have to constantly reapply, and we never felt fresh.

This is what led us to finally create our own natural deodorant that really works. And this is how we tested Goldkind deodorant to make sure that it could withstand the test!

We started back in 2013 when we first made our own deodorants. It was a long process of trial and error, sore armpits and being smelly because the other natural deodorants just didn't work - until we came up with a perfect recipe. Now we believe we have the best possible combination of ingredients and a unique process that allows us to make this incredibly effective, easy to apply, great smelling, vegan and all natural deodorant. 

We had four rounds of handing out samples of our deodorants and collecting a lot of feedback that helped us to further refine and perfect our product. We feel that a lot of other companies really over-complicate deodorants and most other personal care products and we didn't want to fall into the same trap. Therefore, we only have a handful of ingredients in our deodorant; but the trick is in the combination and the process. 

Most recently we tested our deodorants on a few friends of ours who are runners. We gave them some of our deodorant and asked them to do a self-guided test, and give us feedback on how well our deodorant held up after strenuous physical exercise and lots of sweating! First, they applied their usual deodorants and ran as usual. At other times they applied Goldkind deodorant and ran. When they reported back we received the expected outcome. Every one of them confirmed that the deodorant left them without body odor from their armpits even after intense workouts and some said they believe that this deodorant works better then their usual chemical counterparts. We have found the same results: after two hours at the gym, working up a sweat - still no smell!

What makes us the happiest though, is that they told us that they simply feel better because they know they are not applying nasty chemicals to their bodies. We get the same feeling every morning when we put our deodorant on. And the great part is, you can apply Goldkind deo once a day - in the morning - and it will last the entire day and night! (Ladies: no more need to carry your deo around in your purse and reapply on a night out. Score!)

So, does it really work? Yes, it really does! And we and many others think it is actually a better working alternative to all of the stuff you can pick up at your supermarket.

Keep those armpits cool,


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